Paul Mc Dermott

Author, Entertainer, TV personality

Conference Dinner MC and Entertainer

Paul McDermott is without doubt one of Australia’s most popular and versatile entertainers with his comedy, acting, singing, writing and illustrating talents all publicly and critically acclaimed. He has been at the forefront of Australian entertainment since the Doug Anthony Allstars attained national and international success in the 1980s. When they disbanded, Paul moved on to writing and presenting national radio programs on Triple J and television programs including The Big Gig, DAAS Kapital, Good News Week and Side Show on ABCTV.

In 2008, Paul reintroduced Good News Week to television audiences on Channel Ten. He’s written several books including The Scree which became a short film and was awarded best short film at the 2005 International Short Film Festival, Flicker Fest. He has performed as a stand-up comic for sell-out audiences across Australia and at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. If that wasn’t enough, he has the voice of an angel and mesmerises when he sings. With acerbic wit, acute intellect and a tight grasp of current events he casts a unique and humorous light on… well… anything! Paul has always loved performing live and in 2012 he took to the stage with accompanist Stu Hunter and an ‘all star’ band to sing some of his classic songs and tell stories in a new show, ‘Paul Sings’. Paul has also been a sensational host of major televised events such as the ARIAs and The Great Debates.