Ewan McIntosh

Chief Executive Officer NoTosh Limited and Adjunct Lecturer, Charles Sturt University (Designing Spaces for Learning)

The Cart and Horse of Designing Spaces for Learning (aka: are we designing learning for spaces?) 

Ewan McIntosh is the founder of NoTosh Limited, an Edinburgh-based company with a global reputation for researching and delivering new learning opportunities for some of the world's top creative companies and school districts. He is a French and German teacher who is advisor on the digital agenda to the Vice President of the European Commission, Mrs Neelie Kroes, and sits on the ICT Excellence Expert Group advising the Cabinet Minister for Education in Scotland. He created the Masters subject Designing Spaces for Learning for Charles Sturt University, with its first run in 2014.

"Everyone can be a designer", proclaims the first of 79 pieces of guidance in The Third Teacher (2010, p. 23). But not everyone is. There is a genuine challenge emerging in the design world as more corporations and public realise that "design has become too important to be left to designers" (Brown and Katz, 2011, p. 381). The challenge lies in so many people feeling the need to upskill so quickly. There are two key considerations:

1. Does design, or thinking like a designer, require a manager or educator to learn new skills at all; and

2. If design is something that can be learned, what needs to be taken into consideration? Like all learning, it will take time, effort and motivation (Hattie & Yates, 2013, p. 113), so finding which priority areas of our ‘designerly’ way of thinking to learn first and foremost will be important.