Message from CEFPI Australasia Chair

I am both proud and excited to invite you to join us for the 2015 CEFPI Regional conference in Canberra.

This event marks our 15th Regional conference which, for the first time, is being held in the nation’s capital.

CEFPI Australasia has been keen to embrace Canberra as part of our regional outreach. As Australia’s capital city, Canberra is the heart of the nation, the political powerhouse driving national development and a hub for the nation’s most influential decision makers across the full spectrum of education. Significantly, its focus is both national and international.

Similarly, in the exchange we foster between designers and educators, the interests of our organisation extend across many borders, regionally and globally. CEFPI’s ultimate aim is to improve the environment in which our future generations will gain their education and be better prepared to contribute to our evolving world. A conference such as this is a potent arena for the intersection of diverse people, industries and partnerships.

Our Canberra team has prepared a magnificent program to explore contemporary education in the national context that will challenge, inspire, inform and illuminate.

The conference theme, Meeting Places Learning Spaces, engages directly with the local context to explore universal educational issues relevant to all sectors, from early learning through to tertiary. Set in Canberra’s geo-political environment, the conference serves as a platform for designers and educators – and all those involved in education – to engage with these issues from the perspective of both the education facilities and many of the national institutions housed here.

The extraordinary urban vision of Walter Burley Griffin provides us with the very special backdrop for the “Meeting Places” of this event. I encourage you to join with your colleagues and experience the “Learning Spaces” that Canberra offers. It will be a great place to strengthen relationships, make valuable networking connections and share expertise. Through the generous support of our friends, members, partners and sponsors, CEFPI is delighted to make this opportunity possible.

I look forward to seeing you there.


Richard Leonard


CEFPI Australasia

This page last updated: Saturday 2 August 2014